(Extra Unit Old MYP)

This unit investigates why decolonisation occurs and the impact separation has on society. The manipulation of resources as a catalyst to decolonisation will be explored.

Area of Interaction

Human Ingenuity - The awakening in people around the world of ideas of nationalism and different forms of resistance (non-violence, armed struggle).

Key Concept

Global Interactions - the changing nature of empires due to world events.

Concept Question

To what extent can decolonisation ever be successful?

Significant Concepts

  1. To have knowledge of the concepts of colonialism,decolonisation, dependence and independence.
  2. To have knowledge of the rise of nationalism.
  3. To have knowledge of the rise of the human rights movement.
  4. To have knowledge of the impact of decolonisation and independence movements on the lives of people in less economically developed countries.
  5. To have knowledge of the events that shook the dependent world and started the global movement towards decolonisation in the 20th century.