003 - Gender roles related to food and health

Geographic Knowledge and Understanding

Gender roles related to food and health, including food production/acquisition and disparities in health.


Gender roles have the power to impact food production/acquisition and disparities in health in different places.


Key Terminology

Define the key term above by using the 'Useful Link' below.

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Activity One - Discussion

Before we begin to look at specific examples of how gender can impact access to food and health we are going to have a general discussion about it as you will have more knowledge than you think.

Activity Two - Note Taking - Gender and Agriculture

We are now going to 'flesh' out your ideas by watching a series of YouTube clips and reading a variety of articles. We will initially focus on food and agriculture. Remember the examiners love data so it would be really helpful to add a series of data points to your mind map along with creating a examples of place.

Activity Three - Note Taking - Health

We are now going to look at how gender can impact health. This can clearly mean overall life expectancy but we can also consider the quality of life as well. In the previous activity we generally focused on low income countries but for this we are also going to address the disparities in high income countries. The disparities are often less discussed in the news and therefore people can be less aware of the issues that exist. Add the following points to your mind map by reading the articles in the 'Useful Resources' box.

Exam Style Question

Explain three ways gender can impact the disparity in food production/or acquisition. [2+2+2 marks]

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