002 - International aid, loans, debt relief and remittances

Geographic Knowledge and Understanding

An overview of contemporary global networks and flows:

- an overview of international aid, loans, and debt relief

- international remittances from economic migrants


Financial flows between places in the core and periphery create powerful ties.


  • To have knowledge of how international aid, loans, and debt relief are transferred between the core and periphery.

  • To have knowledge of the important role that remittances play in the flow of finances.

Key Terminology

            • Debt relief

            • Remittances

Define the terms above by using the useful links below:

Useful Links

Activity One - Misconceptions

We often assume that we aid that we give goes to poor nations. Those nations that are suffering from long-term famine or its people are living below the poverty line, but is that always true? Look at the map below and describe where America's aid is being sent? Then try and explain the flow of aid.

Activity Two - Comprehension

We are now going to look at how aid, loans, and debt relief, as well as remittances, flow between our focus countries. First of all make a copy of the google doc below and then begin to fill it in using the resource in the 'Useful Resource' box.

02-006 International aid,...bt relief and remittances

Useful Resources

Pages 53-59 'Our Connected World' Stephen Codrington

This lesson was development in collaboration with Richard Allaway from geographyalltheway. For more resources please visit www.geographyalltheway.com