004 - Review

You now know how the atmospheric system works and how it can be impacted by both physical and enhanced greenhouse factors. Can you explain the processes and feedback mechanisms?

Activity One - Review and Link

You have now completed the first section on 'Climate Change' and it is time to review what you have done. Mr. Allaway at www.geographyalltheway.com has developed a review sheet to help you remember what you have studied and to try and think more about the concept words that are used in relation to this unit.

      1. Using a green pen tick off the sections of the syllabus that you remember learning about.
      2. Using a red pen tick off the sections of the syllabus that you don't remember studying.
      3. Highlight the concept this section primarily focuses on.
      4. Mark on the syllabus the examples or case studies that you have studied.
      5. Now try and fill in the other boxes starting with the geographic knowledge (what do you need to know) - this can be bullet-pointed. Then do the geographic understanding (ideas you need to comprehend or have the capacity to interpret).
      6. How do all the concepts help you to understand this section of the syllabus? Fill in the four concept boxes explaining how they help you to link different ideas together.
      7. Now write in the short answered and extended response questions that you could use to review this unit. Hint they are on the bottom of each webpage.
      8. How does this unit link to the other units you have studied so far? This is the final box on the page.
Reviewing the Curriculum

Activity Two - Concept Mapping

We have looked at the idea of concept mapping before when we reviewed the course for your Freshwater, Extreme Environments and Population tests. We will be doing this for each section of the course to get you to make explicit links between the syllabus points that you have studied.

      1. Collect a sheet of flipchart paper and a set of coloured pens.
      2. Remember to use one colour only for each set of words.
      3. Write set one words in capital letters anywhere on your flipchart paper. Remember to not write them too big.
      4. Now link the words if you can make a connection. Explain the connection on the line that you have drawn.
      5. Now choose another colour and write the second set of words in capitals.
      6. Connect that set of words and explain the connection.
      7. Then cross-pollinate using both colours. Do any of the words from each set link? Explain the link.
Concept Mapping - Climate Change