005 - The Report

Debatable Question

How did Otzi die?

Approaches to Learning

To be able to develop a clear argument of how Otzi died by using evidence.

To be able to collate and evaluate the reliability of a variety of information about Otzi from a range of sources.

Key Terminology

            • Evidence
            • Reliability
            • Bias

Define the key terms above and write a definition of them on paper for your folder. Try and use the useful links below to help you.

Useful Links

Activity One - A Police and Forensic Report

When writing a police or forensic report you need to consider all the evidence that is made available to you by using the five W's.

              1. Who - dead and the parties involved - age, gender etc
              2. What - type of person, artefacts and evidence found
              3. When - dates, why found now?
              4. Where - location
              5. Why - how died using evidence

After all the initial discussions concerning how this man may have died you will need to come to a conclusion. Any conclusion that you come to must be supported by the evidence that you have found. This is not the time to be subjective and guess, you must use the evidence that is available to you.

Otzi Police Report

How will I be assessed?

You will be assessed through all four criteria; Criteria A - Knowing and Understanding, Criteria B - Investigating, Criteria C - Communicating and Criteria D - Thinking Critically.

Otzi - Assessment Criteria Year 7