009 - Spread of Ideas

Factual Question

How have ideas been able to spread across the African Continent?

Key Terminology

  • Migration

Define the word above using a dictionary or the link below.

Key Links

Activity One - Watch

As you watch the clip below write a description of the following points using the images:

  1. landscape
  2. artefacts
  3. dress
  4. weapons
  5. farming
  6. travel

Spread of Ideas

Open Spread of Ideas

Bantu Migrations

Activity Two - Migration

Taken From: http://www.face-music.ch/artuganda/bantumigration.jpg

  1. Looking at the map above describe the route of migration for the Bantu.
  2. Using the text book ' World Studies - Medieval Times to Today' answer the assessment questions on page 41. The answers will be discussed as a group.
  3. Using an Atlas, the map above and the text book 'World Studies - Medieval Times to Today' draw an outline of the continent of Africa and mark on the spread of the Bantu. Remember to include:
  • Outline box
  • Title
  • Key
  • Scale
  • Compass Points

Map Work

Open Map Work


  • The Bantu Migrations
    • 'World Studies - Medieval Times to Today' by Jacobs (Author), Kate Kinsella (Author) and Kevin Feldman (Author).