003 - Development of Rocks

Factual Question

What are the different rock types?

How are the different rock types formed?

Key Terminology

            • Igneous
            • Sedimentary
            • Metamorphic

We will be defining the words above throughout the lesson, but if you are still unsure of their meaning click on the link below for help.

Useful Links

Activity One - Watch

Rocks can be formed in different ways and this can impact their strength. Some rocks are extremely valuable and we wear as signs of wealth or even love. As you watch the video on the rock cycle below answer the questions below. You also have the option of making a copy of the google doc which has the questions written on a table for you to fill in.

        1. What is an Igneous rock?
        2. How is igneous rock formed?
        3. What is sedimentary rock?
        4. How is sedimentary rock formed?
        5. What is a metamorphic rock?
        6. How are metamorphic rock formed? Use the example of granite and marble.
        7. Draw the rock cycle.
Year 8 - Rock Types

Activity Two - Cartoon Strip

Your task is to develop a comic strip to illustrate how the rock cycle occurs. You clearly need to show that the rock cycle does link together.

      1. In the larger segments of your paper draw a diagram of what is happening. Don't forget to include speech bubbles and labels.
      2. Develop a storyline in the 2cm section for each step of the comic strip.

                  • Collect an A4 piece of paper from the classroom
                  • Fold the paper into 8 equal segments (hold the paper in the landscape position and fold in half along the short edge, then fold in half along the long edge and then fold again in half along the long edge).
                  • Open up the paper and you should have 8 equal segments.
                  • Draw a line with a pencil 2 cm from the bottom of the long edge and the same from the middle long divide.

What does a comic strip look like?

The comic strip below will give you an idea of what is expected. The highlighted words emphasize key terms and what is specifically happening.

Key Resource

Rock Hound Kids

How will I be assessed?

Criterion A: Knowing and Understanding

Criterion C: Communicating

Activity Three - Review

To help you remember what the different types of rocks and how they are formed watch the youtube clip below.