004 -TNCs

Geographic Knowledge and Understanding

Two contrasting detailed examples of TNCs and their global strategies and supply chains.


The operations of TNCs connect places.


Key Terminology

Define the key term above using the useful link below:

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Activity One - Detailed Example - IKEA

You have all heard of the furniture store IKEA and I am sure that most of you will own something from IKEA in your house. When I moved to work abroad and needed to furnish my apartment quickly IKEA is the first place I went - in both Atlanta and Geneva. You only have to look on facebook to see what people are selling in the local area and a large proportion of it started as a flat packed piece of furniture in Aubonne or Vernier's IKEA warehouse. In fact, IKEA is now so popular at one point there were more households that own an IKEA catalogue than they do a bible (their catalogue is now online).

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Activity Two - Detailed Example - Coke Cola

Coke Cola is a major drinks company that started in the deep South of the USA. Its distinctive colour and font have made it an easily recognisable refreshment. What has allowed this company to become a major TNC and how does its supply chain link together? Watch the youtube clip and read the two articles below to fill in the relevant sections of the resource in Activity One.

Exam Style Question

Using examples, explain how the operations of TNCs connect places. [12 marks]

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