006 - Trade: Good or Evil?

Conceptual Question

How in turn has diversity been affected by global interactions through trade?

Key Terminology

            • Global Interactions
            • Trade
            • Diversity

Activity One - Newspaper Report

'Trade has lead to less diversity within Africa.' Discuss

You are working for the Historical Association and they have asked you to write an article on the impact that trade has had within Africa. As the magazine focuses on history you are going to write this using historical examples e.g. Ancient Mali.


      • 600 words
      • Newspaper Layout - columns and images
      • Bold Heading
      • Strong first sentences at the beginning of each paragraph
      • Bibliography


Remember each paragraph must have one key idea although it can have several points in it. Below is an example of how your newspaper report can be presented.

Paragraph One (75 words)

Introduce the ideas of what global interactions, trade and diversity mean.

Which areas of Africa are you going to focus on?

Do you agree or disagree with the question?

Paragraph Two (150 words)

First argument that trade has led to less diversity

You could focus on religion

Think about the spread of Islam due to traders

Paragraph Three (150 words)

Second argument that trade has led to less diversity

You could focus on language

Think about the spread of Arabic as a key language in the North of Africa which has spread due to trade and the importance of communication

Paragraph Four (150 word)

Third argument that trade has led to more diversity

You could use more modern examples of this such as language, dress, food.

Conclusion (75 words)

Draw your ideas together and have a final comment on whether trade has created diversity or not.

Try and use the words global interactions, trade and diversity.

How to structure your paragraphs - PEEL

P = Point

E = Explain

E = Example

L = Link ideas

How will I be assessed?

You will be assessed on Criteria A - Knowing and Understanding, Criteria B - Investigating, Criteria C - Communicating and Criteria D - Thinking Critically. See below for the specific strands.