007 - Source Analysis

Factual Question

How can sources be interpreted?

Key Terminology

            • Source Analysis

Define the key term above by using the 'Useful Link' below:

Useful Link

Activity One

In Individuals and Societies we are often looking at a different range of sources to find out what has happened in the past. This is called evidence. The sources can range from images, articles to cartoon strips, so how can we interpret them? Read the information in the 'Useful Resource' box to describe how we should interpret sources. Consider the following points:

                    1. Information
                    2. Origin
                    3. Perspective
                    4. Context
                    5. Audience
                    6. Motive

Activity Two - Source Analysis

Read the first article which outlines the path to the Peloponnesian War. As you read it make notes on the key points - this is a skill you have learnt in a prior lesson.

You will now be using the sources in the second article to answer the following questions:

      1. a. What are the four different figures for the size of the Persian army in Source A. 1. b. What do these differences in figures tell us about historians?
      2. What was the Hellespont? Why was it important to the Persians?
      3. Using the map of Thermopylae and Source C where and why did the Spartans choose to stop the Persian Army advancing?
      4. What were the immortals? Why were they given that name?
      5. Why did the Spartans not escape from the pass at Thermpylae? What evidence is there in the sources to prove your point?
      6. What is an oracle?
      7. What does the cross on Source F indicate?
      8. Using Source F what was the cause of the Persian defeat?
      9. What is an eyewitness?
      10. What source can be classified as a primary source and why?
      11. Which source suggests that not all the Greeks fought against the Persians? Give evidence of why you have used this source to answer question 11.

Path to the Peloponnesian War.pdf.pdf.pdf
Source Analysis.pdf

How will I be assessed?

Source Analysis - Assessment Criteria Year 7