005 - Neo-Colonialism

Debatable Question

Can neo-colonialism ever be positive?

Key Terminology

            • Foreign investment
            • Bilateral agreements
            • Neo-colonialism

Define the key term above using the useful link below:

Useful Link

Activity One - Watch

We are initially going to look at what the key concept of this lesson is by exploring the term neocolonialism. Answer the following question by using the YouTube clip below.

      1. Watch the youtube clip below and write notes on what neo-colonialism is.

Activity Two - Discuss

There is much debate on whether neo-colonialism is a positive aspect of globalisation or a negative one. To begin our exploration of neo-colonialism we are going to interpret a range of sources. Source analysis is a key skill to have within Indiviudals and Societies. Consider its origin, value, purpose, content and limitations.

      1. Look at the three sources below and suggest how they represent different views of neo-colonialism.

Activity Three - Comprehension

To find out how neo-colonialism is impacting parts of Africa you are going to use your comprehension skills. Complete the following points.

      1. Draw out a table that has two columns.
      2. At the top of the left one write 'Positive of Neo-Colonialism.
      3. At the top pf the right one write 'Negatives of Neo-Colonialism'.
      4. Complete the table by watching the YouTube clip and by reading the articles in the 'Useful Resources' below.