005 - Neo-Colonialism

Debatable Question

Can neo-colonialism ever be positive?

Taken From: Business Insider

Key Terminology

  • Foreign investment
  • Bilateral agreements
  • Neo-colonialism

Define the key term above using the useful link below:

Useful Link

Activity One - Watch

  • What is neo-colonialism? Watch the youtube clip below and write notes on what neo-colonialism is.

Activity Two - Discuss

There is much debate on whether neo-colonialism is a positive aspect of globalisation or a negative one.

  • Look at the three sources below and suggest how they represent different views of neo-colonialism.

Source 1

Taken From: http://topfamousquotes.com/images/topic/201501/neo-colonialism-quotes-3.jpg

Source 2

Taken From: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/08/8a/8a/088a8a73359ac26d363477a96f3fb23e.jpg

Source 3

Taken From: http://cdn.modernghana.com/images/content/r74ypd0ooj_chinaafricawinwin.jpg

Activity Three - Comprehension

  • Copy the table below and complete it using the articles in the useful resources section.

Positives of Neo-Colonialism

Negatives of Neo-Colonialism