006 - Modern Tourism

Factual Question

How has tourism changed the process of how it connects a diverse range of people and places in the modern era?

Approaches to Learning

Communication Skills - Reading, writing and using language to gather and communicate information - Write for different purposes.

Activity One - Different Types of Tourism

While many of us go holiday to enjoy the natural landscape, soak up the sun, enjoy the beach etc, there are many different types of tourism today. I have identified a number of forms of tourism (and I am sure there are more) that are currently on the rise.

                  • Adventure tourism

                  • Agritourism

                  • Ancestry tourism

                  • Cultural tourism

                  • Detox tourism

                  • Disaster tourism

                  • Ecotourism

                  • Gambling tourism

                  • Medical tourism

                  • Recreational tourism

                  • Social tourism

                  • Sport tourism

                  • Space tourism

      1. Define the different types of tourism above, using the 'Useful Resources below.

Useful Resources

Activity Two - Choose

Choose your favourite type of tourism from the list in activity one and write a convincing argument to persuade the group of why we should take up your type of tourism. Write your argument in no more than 200 words and then a selection of you will then present your thoughts to the group.