No More Boring


This is a stand alone lesson that was created as part of an Interdisciplinary Project when the school's timetable was collapsed.

Key Concept

Global interactions - how cultures are perceived through data.

Conceptual Question

To what extent can data dissolve preconceived ideas?

Factual Questions

How can data be manipulated?

What are the limitations of data?

How can data influence how people perceive different countries?

Acticity One - Watch

Activities to Complete with the Ted Talk

  • Play the remainder of the Ted Talk and the students will make notes.

Activity Two - Extended Writing

Write an extended piece of writing which assesses the statement below.

'To what extent can data influence our perception of how developed a country is.'


Think about the following points:

        • Strength/usefulness of data
        • Weaknesses of data
        • Remember to give evidence
        • Create a list of actions that promote justice and equality.
        • You could include a thought provoking quote which encourages equality and then you can discuss your findings e.g.

“Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.” Albert Einstein

Formal Presentation Requirements

        • 500 - 600 word limit
        • Insert a header and write the following in the top right - Your Name - Year - Future Cities
        • Insert Page Numbers - bottom right
        • Header (this is the research question/statement) - Size 14 and bold
        • Font Type - Tahoma, Verdana, Lato, Arial
        • Font Size - 12
        • Alignment - Justify
        • Evidence is needed
        • A bibliography is to be included