003 - Humanities Passport

To make a passport which shows your historical and geographical background.


What is a passport?


You will develop a passport that will include four key elements to it:

  • Background information about you.
  • A world map showing where you were born/lived/visited
  • Timeline of your life
  • Information about the favourite places you have visited/lived

Each element will be at least one page of A5.

Section One - The Fact File

  1. A photo of yourself
  2. Passport details of yourself - age/ siblings/ parents/ nationality/ languages spoken/ pets/ interests/ likes and dislikes etc.

Section Two - World Map

  1. Sketch an outline of a world map - do remember to include all the key things you have learnt about maps (scale, key, title, compass points, box)
  2. On the map mark on where you were born and all the places you have lived.
  3. Mark on the map all the towns and cities you have visited.

Section Three - Timeline

  • What is wrong with the timeline above?
  1. Draw a timeline for your life. Mark on when you were born, when you moved houses/schools/countries, when any siblings were born, pets bought, favourite places you have visited, memorial events etc.
  2. Do remember to include a scale and a title.

Section Four - Extra Information

  1. Choose two places you really enjoyed visiting and describe why it was fun to go there.
  2. Include photographs of the areas.
  3. Also complete a page for Geneva by suggesting sites to visit and places to eat.


  • You will be graded using assessment criterion A and D.