001 - Risk and Vulnerability

Geographic Knowledge and Understanding

Disparities in exposure to climate change risk and vulnerability, including variations in people's location, wealth, social differences (age, gender, education), risk perception.


Disparities in exposure to climate change risk and vulnerability have the possibility to impact certain socio-economic groups more than others.


Detailed Examples

Detailed examples of two or more societies with contrasting vulnerability.

Key Terminology

Define the key terms above by using the 'Useful Links' below:

Useful Links

Activity One - Describe

We have all felt vulnerable at times but this has often been down to the social fabric of an area as opposed to being vulnerable to climate change. While we were all susceptible to sunburn or heat stroke while we were on the Geography trip to Morocco we had the tools to make sure that our risk to this was low. Not everyone has the luxury of this or have the resilience to cope with the changes that the climate may through at them. Using the image below describe which areas are most vulnerable to climate change.

Useful Resource

Activity Two - Explain

When we are discussing the idea of being vulnerable to climate change we can go further than just picking specific regions of the world. People on a whole array of areas can be more vulnerable than others but who are they and why are they most at risk? Read the articles in the 'Useful Resources' box to answer the question below.

Activity Three - Detailed Examples

Now comes the task of focusing on specific places to help illustrate the impact that climate change is having on areas. All of the areas are at risk from climate change and while some may have more means to be more resilient there will always be people who are vulnerable.

Climate Change Risk, Vulnerablity and Resilience

Useful Resource

GreenPeace - Climate Change, Migration, and Displacement - USA 

GreenPeace - Climate Change and Migration - Bangladesh - Pages 19-21 and Pacific Islands - 21-22

Exam Style Question

"Climate change will disproportionately impact those who are economically vulnerable." Discuss this statement. [10 marks]