004 - Grand Designs

Factual Question

What are the three main types of castle designs?

What makes a castle 'strong'?

Key Terminology

            • Motte and Bailey
            • Stone Keep
            • Concentric Circle
            • Moat
            • Curtain Wall
            • Buttress
            • Portcullis
            • Barbican (Gate house)
            • Arrow Loops
            • Ramparts
            • Battlements/ Crenellations

We will be defining the words above throughout the lesson - make sure you fill in a copy of the grid below as you hear them.

Medieval Castle Words

Activity One - 360 Degree View

From the Year 1066 there has been a castle structure at Conisbrough. It is believed that there was initially a basic Motte and Bailey timber castle until William de Warenne, a trusted follower of William the Conquerer, was given the land by him for his loyalty. It is thought it was William de Warenne who orchastrated the building of the stone tower as the architecture is French in its style. The site has many natural advantages, can you spot any?

Using the 360 Degree Camera

      1. Download the roundme app and Cardboard app on your phone.
      2. Click on the magnifying glass icon which will bring up a search bar.
      3. Search for Richard Allaway and scroll through the images until you see 'Grand Designs- Conisbrough Castle... The Outer Bailey'.
      4. Click on it - the page on your phone should split - the bottom half gives you a Google map location and the top half is the roundme 'sphere'. You will also see a white i in a blue circle - if you click on that it will allow you to move between the different spheres taken of the castle.
      5. Now look for the Cardboard symbol. For some of you it will be on the side of your phone screen. For those (me included) you have to click on the three dots at the top and then click on Cardboard.
      6. Answer all of the question you see in the spheres in your book.

Activity Two - Watch

We are now going to look at why the Normans felt the need to build castles in England. We will also look at the importance of the designs. Watch the video below and answer the following questions.

      1. Why did the Normans' build castles?
      2. What are the key features of the castle shown in the clip?

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Activity Three - Draw and Describe

There are three key types of castles called a Motte and Bailey, Stone Keep and Concentric Circle. But what do they look like and why did the designs change over time? Answer the questions below.

      1. For each castle type draw a diagram of the castle and write a description of the key advantages. You can use the grid below to help structure your work.
                    • Motte and Bailey
                    • Stone Keep
                    • Concentric Circle
      2. Using the words in the key terminology list add them to your drawing of a Concentric Castle and then define them. Use the sites in the resources section to help you.
Castle Designs

Activity Four - Design

Now it is your turn to design your own castle. How secure can you make your castle for 150GBP?

      • You will be using the website www.activehistory.co.uk, year 7, castles to do this. The school has an account for this website - just ask the librarian.