003 - Growth of City-States

Factual Question

How did the city-state grow in Ancient Greece between 900-600BC?

Key Terminology

            • Polis

Define the word above using the 'Useful Link' below:

Useful Link

Activity One - Describe

From studying the Bronze Age Cities you already know what a city-state is but what we haven't specifically looked at is how the city-states developed within Ancient Greece. Using the first article in the 'Useful Resources' box answer the following questions on paper and in full sentences:

      1. Describe how the polis evolved? Remember to add the key features such as the marketplace and taxes.
      2. Why would a polis be built on a hill?
      3. What was each polis protected by?
      4. Describe the protection for Athens and Sparta.
      5. Describe how the city-states were different.
      6. Describe what features were the same in each polis.
      7. Why do you think the polis became the defining feature of Greek life?
      8. How did the tyrants come to power?
      9. Why do you think people migrated (moved) to live in a polis?
      10. Using the second link in the 'Useful Resources' box, describe what three different city-states in Ancient Greece were famous for.

Activity Two - Draw

It is good to know why the polis grew but what important buildings could often be found in the polis and why? Answer the following two questions by looking at the image above and reading the information on the resource in the box below.

      1. Draw a simple diagram of a typical polis. Remember to put your diagram in a box drawn with a pencil and ruler.
      2. Annotate the key features of a polis by including the points bullet-pointed below. An annotation is a short description.

                          • Agora
                          • Stoas
                          • Acropolis
                          • Theater
                          • Stadium
                          • Houses
                          • Walls of defense
Taken From - https://www.thinglink.com/scene/655323319930716162

Image Two - Ancient Greece

Activity Three - Trade

Collect the A3 worksheet from my desk on Greek Trade and answer the questions that are on the paper. Remember to write in full sentences.

Taken From - https://gridclub.com/subscribers/info/fact_gadget_2009/1001/history/ancient_greece/459.html

Image Three - Ancient Greek Trade

Useful Resource

Worksheets can be found in the third blue cupboard in the Year 7 folder.