5 - Climate Change

This unit will focus on the causes and consequences of climate change. It will explore how the impacts of climate change are not experienced equally in different places. This topic provides an opportunity to explore political issues connected to the environment through case studies.

Key Concept

Key Concept: Global Interactions

Related Concepts

Related Concepts: Sustainability, globalisation, cooperation and interdependence

Global Context

Global Context: Fairness and Development - What are the consequences of our common humanity? Students will explore rights and responsibilities. The relationships between communities and nations. They will explore how we share finite resources with other people and with other living things. How climate change can cause conflict as well as peace will be explored.

Statement of Inquiry

Nations, societies and cultures must interact on a global basis to create a positive future of sustainable and fair development in a globalised world of complex interdepence and cooperation.

Factual Questions: Remembering facts and topics

  • What is the difference between global warming and climate change?

  • What are the impacts of global warming/climate change?

  • Why is global warming and climate change important?

  • Are humans causing or contributing to climate change?

  • What is the 1992 UNFCCC?

  • What is the 1997 Kyoto Protocol?

  • What is the 2015 Paris Agreement?

Conceptual Questions: Analysing big ideas

  • What are the important human and environmental issues that affect the future of our species and the biosphere?

  • Who should make decisions about how we move forward within a country?

  • Who should make global decisions?

  • What are the common responsibilities of all nations to stabilize greenhouse gas emissions?

Debatable Questions: Evaluating perspectives and developing theories

  • How do we/how can we prevent continued changes to the global climate?

  • Do High Income Countries have an obligation to lead the way on emissions reduction?

  • Is it possible, or necessary, to hold all nations and individuals accountable for breaches of the treaties?