006 - China in Africa

Debatable Question

Can China's investment in Africa forge positive geographical development?

Key Terminology

            • Investment
            • Geographical factors

Define the key terms above using the useful links below:

Useful Links

Activity One - Describe

As you have come to expect in Individuals and Societies we often interpret graphs and maps to gain knowledge of a certain point. Answer the following questions.

      1. Using Image One below describe the changes in overseas investment that China gives?
      2. Explain the reasons for these changes. If you are struggling use the useful resources below the graph.
      3. Using Image Two describe the locations of China's investment.
Taken From: http://ichef.bbci.co.uk/news/624/media/images/70407000/gif/_70407417_overseas_624.gif

Image One - Chinese Investment Overseas

Taken From: https://hanskcjournal.files.wordpress.com/2013/10/china-overseas-projects.png

Image Two - China's Global Reach

Activity Two - Watch

We are now going to watch a YouTube clip which explores the new scramble for Africa. You are going to focus on the geographic aspects of this scramble. Remember the geographic aspects include the social, economic, environmental and political points.

      • Divide an A4 page into four equal sections. Head each section with a different geographic factor heading - Social - Environmental - Economic - Political.





      • Watch the Al Jazerra youtube clip on the 'New Scramble for Africa' and complete the grid on why China is investing heavily within the region.

Activity Three - Assessment

Choose a country in Africa that China has invested heavily in and create a presentation describing and explaining the impacts of the investment.

Presentation Requirements

        • Use Google Slides
        • Should last no more than 5 minutes
        • Bullet points - no lengthy paragraphs of information
        • Images, maps, graphs are useful

Presentation Content

Try and answer the following questions in your presentation:

      1. Include a map of where China has invested. Remember to add value!
      2. Why has China chosen your focus country to invest in?
      3. What has been the positive impact on your chosen country?
      4. What has been the negative impact on your chosen country?
      5. Has the foreign direct investment had a positive influence on China?
      6. How do other countries view China's investment in this country?

Remember to include data and more qualitative forms of evidence to illustrate your findings. Quotes from local people are as valid as the statistics you may find. You may also want to consider the short and long term impacts of the investment by China.

How will I be assessed?

You will be assessed using criteria A - Knowing and Understanding, B - Investigating, C - Communicating and D - Thinking Critically.