003 - Biosphere

Geographic Knowledge and Understanding

Climate change and the biosphere, including:

Spatial changes in biomes, habitats and animal migration patterns.

Changes to agriculture, including crop yields, limits of cultivation and soil erosion.


The process of global climate change will impact the biosphere and therefore how humans interact with place.


  • To have knowledge and understanding of the effects of climate change upon:
        • Spatial changes in biomes and habitats.
        • Spatial changes in animal migration patterns.
        • Changes to agriculture, including crop yields, limits of cultivation, soil erosion.

Activity One - Describe

Using the maps below describe the changes in potential vegetation from 1990 and 2100.

Activity Two - Create

Climate change is having quite an impact on the hydrosphere and the magnitude and frequency of climatic hazards. It is now time to investigate how climate change can impact our biomes and agricultural systems. It is particularly important to look at the impact on the biosphere as we rely on it to produce the food we require for survival. While humans are creative creatures it still takes us time to adapt to change. As you have already studied, neo-Malthusian thought believes if we become too slow to react it could ultimately result in economic decline or conflict . For this activity you are going to be divided into teams to investigate a specific element of change to the biosphere. You will be using Lucidpress to record and share your findings. You will need to include the following points:

Focus area

                  • Spatial Change - Biomes
                  • Spatial Change - Habitats
                  • Spatial Change - Animal Migration
                  • Agricultural Change - Crop yields
                  • Agricultural Change - limits to cultivation
                  • Soil Erosion

Description of what that focus is.

                  • Map to show changes.
                  • Description of the changes.
                  • Explanation of why the changes are happening.
                  • Impact of the changes using examples of place, including the adaptations that may have to take place.

Exam Style Question

State and explain TWO impacts of climate change on the biosphere. [2+2+2]