001 - Information


This page will contain the key information about the IDU.


The task is to write a story that is based on historical fact. You could be a soldier in the Battle of Hastings, a doctor during the Black Death or a lady-in-waiting at the court of Eleanor of Aquitaine. It really depends on what your interest is. In English, you will be working on how to write a story, key medieval terminology, setting, and characterisation. In I&S you will be researching the era, setting and characters you want to base your story on.

Key Requirements

      • Complete the MindMeister for research
      • Historical accuracy - think about the names of characters, props etc
      • Good plot - is it interesting?
      • Clear historical knowledge to feed the plot, context, and character
      • Effective historical vocabulary
      • 45 min to write the reflection


      • Word Limit 1200 words
      • Double space the lines
      • Bibliography

Useful Resources

Pinterest - Historical Fiction Front Covers

Mrs. Davison's Wiki - DP History - scroll down to the videotheque, podcasts, radio and TV.

Excerpts from historical fiction - Examples of stories and what could have been researched to make sure they were based on fact - thank you Mrs. Davison

Mr. Reid's blog - http://reid8.blogspot.ch/

Interesting website - General Overview of Medieval World

How will I be assessed?

You will be assessed on all four of the IDU criteria and these are different to how you are assessed in I&S and English. It is therefore important that you read through the criteria carefully. Your I&S and English teachers will work together to grade your story so you need to impress both teachers with your thirst for historical knowledge and ability to develop a creative story.


In 2014 two of our students at Campus des Nations won prizes for their historical stories which were submitted to the Historical Association. These examples can be found on the department website - www.nationsinsoc.org