001 - Study Skills


To have knowledge of how to stay organised. 

Approaches to Learning

Self-Management Skills - Organisation Skills - managing time and tasks effectively, goal-setting, etc. 

Activity One - What does it mean to be organised?

Step One - Think, Pair, Share

We are going to do a think, pair, share thinking routine. I am sure you have all done this before in other subjects but just as a recap:

Step Two - Self Diagnosis

On the same worksheet bullet point what you actually like and what do you feel you need to work on? Part of this whole process is all about self ownership. 

As you know I like things to be very organised, I like to know where my kit is. I like a good old to do list in which I can tick off jobs that I have completed with glee. I over assume what I can get done and therefore don't get everything I would like to get completed - I am not realistic!

Useful Resource

Study Skills

Activity Two - Explore

We have now looked at what we think makes someone more organised based on our own experiences. Now lets have a look at advice given to us by authors and the University of YouTube. Watch the YouTube clip and write down the six pieces of advice that are given. Write this down on the worksheet. 

Activity Three - Suggestions to Organise your Notes

Electronic and Digital Organisation

In many ways this should not be different!



You should bookmark documents/websites that you use regularly so that they are easy to find. 


Try and work on inbox 0. Delete everything you don't need. Some say archive your emails and others have folders to categorise what is coming in. It depends what works for you. I use folders but I know my colleagues archive and rely on Google's search function.


Activity Four - Scheduling and To Do Lists

Now I love a good to do list. I colour code my lesson notes, meetings and things I need to get completed in my school planner. But as you are becoming aware, if you didn't know already, I am a bit special and there is always more than one of doing things. Ultimately you need to do something to organise when you are going to do your work. ManageBac tells you when something is due or about to take place it doesn't tell you WHEN you should do that assignment. You have to be the decision maker. 


Use the worksheet to record your answers to the following questions:

Using Google Calendar

Thomas Frank

How to use Notion


How to Prioritize Tasks

Ways to Grow

Activity Five - Study Space and Concentration

Any space can be a study place as long as it is a quiet and calm space for you. This traditionally is a tidy desk in a designated spot in your house but the world has changed. The space needs to be productive for you, so probably not your bed where you can fall asleep but a quite space somewhere. This could be in the CoLab, a public library or even in a coffee shop. I wrote my Masters in the Starbucks at Eaux-Vives. I was more productive when it felt like people were judging me if I was off task! 

To make the space I had more productive I also needed to do the following:

The key thing is to find what works for you. Is it better that you work for an hour and then do some exercise. Do you chunk your time even further so you have a slight change of activity every 15-20 minutes. What works for one person won't necessarily work for another. 

Activity Six - Bed Time Routine

Before you put 'school' away for the night try and create a routine to make sure that you have 'cleared the decks' as best as you can. Reducing the school clutter that it is your head may even help you sleep better. This isn't about having nothing to do but being organised for the next day.

Useful Resources

Eye of the Tiger

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Taylor Swift

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