006 - Specialisation in Bronze Age Cities

Factual Question

What types of jobs did people do in the different Bronze Age Cities?

How did the specialisation of jobs impact the city-state?

Key Terminology

            • Specialisation
            • Hierarchy
            • Monologue

Define the key terms above by using the 'Useful Links' below:

Useful Links

Activity One - Specialisation

Now you have investigated your given city-state you are now going to focus on a specific specialisation. What we mean by that is the type of job or role that someone played within that society. The job could be anything from a farmer to soldier or scribe to religious leader. Within your individual groups decide on the specific job that you are each going to focus on and then record that decision in the padlet below. Each person needs to have a different job.

Activity Two - Research

You are now going to be given 30 minutes to research about your specific specialisation (job) within your city-state. You will need to record your findings in a google doc. Make sure that google doc is labelled clearly e.g. 2020 Year 7 Bronze Age Cities Specialisation Research. It might be good to develop a table to record your findings in. The things that you might want to focus on include:

              • What is the job?
              • Describe the job?
              • What made the job unique? For example was there any innovations that were developed?
              • How did the job help to make the city-state successful?
Bronze Age Cities Specialisation Research Task

How will I be assessed?

Bronze Age Cities - The Research - Assessment Criteria Year 7

Activity Three - Monologue

As you have found out when you wrote down the key terms a monologue is an extended speech about something. You are going to now write a monologue about your job within your city-state. Your monologue should last about 1 minute to 1 minute and 30 seconds. Any longer and you may lose your audience!

Things that need to be included within your monologue

        • Description of your role.
        • What made the role special or unique?
        • Where there any inventions created to improve or celebrate your role?
        • What impact did your role have on that city-state? Hint - did it make it successful, memorable, strong, wealthy etc.


        • Write your monologue in a google doc.
        • Add a header and write your name in it and the date of the 'Living Museum'.
        • Size 11 or 12 font
        • Monologue should not last any longer than 1minute and 30 seconds.

How will I be assessed?

Bronze Age Cities - Monologue - Assessment Criteria Year 7

Activity Four - Display

When you go and visit a museum the different stands will include a number of headings, images, and information about those particular artefacts that are in that area. You are now going to create a simple poster to encourage people to come and visit your area in the Aula. Remember there will be competition for the audience and therefore your poster needs to simple, yet bright and exciting.

Things to include on your poster

        1. Clear name of your role and the city-state.
        2. Series of large images that give information about your role.
        3. Series of information sections that inform the audience about your role and the importance of the artifact. These information sections should not be too long - 1-2 sentences but be written large enough to be seen from a distance.
        4. Colour
        5. Bibliography

Activity Five - Reflection

You have prepared so much for our museum and you have hopefully had a good time at the event itself. It is now time to reflect on what you have done. You will be given approximately 30 minutes to write your reflection after the event. Your reflection can be handwritten or typed. Below are a series of questions that you can use as a guide of what to include in your reflection.

        1. What worked well throughout this process? Make sure you describe the sections.
        2. What didn't go so well? Why didn't it go so well?
        3. How could you improve if you were to do something similar in the future?
        4. In what ways did you become more knowledgeable?
        5. In what ways have you improved as an inquirer?
        6. How has the project helped to improve your communication skills (spoken and written)?
        7. What impact have the different innovations had on today? E.g. writing to the internet.

How will I be assessed?

Bronze Age Cities - Reflection - Assessment Criteria Year 7

Year 6 Questions

Year 6 have been invited to your 'Living Museum' and they will be filling in the following worksheet.

2018 Year 6 Bronze Age Cities Living Museum