001 - Command Terms

Knowing the meaning of the command terms are vital if you are to access the question effectively.

Key Questions

  1. What are the command terms?
  2. What do they mean?
  3. How can they be classified?

What are the command terms?

The command term can be found either at the beginning of the question, after the first comma or after the end of a quote. They tell you how the exam question should be approached.

What do the command terms mean?


  • You have 10 minutes to revise the command terms individually. After we will use the 'pot of destiny' to choose who you will be teamed up with for the command term games.
  • The first game is word association. Each team will be given an envelope with a set of command terms in them. One member of the team will describe what command term they pull out of the envelope to their peer. DON'T SAY THE WORD. You will have three minutes to do this and then you will swap over.
  • For the second game instead of describing with words the command term you will draw it. You will have five minutes and then you will swap over.

Example of Pictionary

Ander Garcia O'Dell Command Terms Pictionary

How are the Command Terms Classified?

The command terms are classified into groups based on Bloom's taxonomy. The more complex the command term is will impacy how you answer the question. The command terms are classified into four groups:

  • AO1 - Knowledge and understanding of specified content
  • AO2 - Application and analysis of knowledge and understanding
  • AO3 - Synthesis and evaluation
  • AO4 - Selection, use and application of a variety of appropriate skills and techniques
  1. What do the groups actually mean? Divide a piece of A3 paper into quarters. In each quarter either draw a diagram to illustrate the AO or use a single word. Discuss as a group.
  2. Using the command terms in the envelope place them into the different classifications. Alternatively you can use the chart below:
Command Terms


Ander Garcia O'Dell