004 - Tourism in 

Extreme Environments

Geographic Knowledge and Understanding

Opportunities and challenges for tourism in extreme environments.

Key Concepts

The power of the various stakeholders and their relative focus on sustainability will affect the last impacts of the industry. The possibilities of future success and sustainability are linked to careful management and global climate change.


Key Terminology

Define the term above using the useful link below.

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Activity One - Cold

We will be focusing on the Alpine resort of Val I'sere to investigate why tourists like to visit this area and how the resort has adapted to the opportunities and challenges of the environment. Collect a piece of A4 paper and answer the questions below:


Useful Resources

Note Taking Frame - From fleece blankets to snow machines

Activity Two - Hot

We are now going to look at the different opportunities and challenges for tourism within a hot environment and to do this you are going to investigate Dubai. Make a copy of the table below and fill it in using the information in the 'Useful Resources' box.

Useful Resources

Google Document

Activity Three - Present

The aim of this activity is to decide which extreme environment would be more beneficial to invest in. As you are now aware extreme environments are susceptible to change due to human development and global climate change. Therefore it is important to investigate the opportunities and challenges for both a hot and cold environment and you will be using Chamonix and Dubai as the key focus areas. To illustrate your knowledge of this you will present your findings using google slides. Do remember that you are trying to convince me of where to invest and I am ginger and burn easily! Use the following points to give structure to your presentation:

Exam Style Question

Discuss how human activities in extreme environments are unsustainable. [10 marks]

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