Extended Essay

Hints and Tips

      • If you can, base your EE on a geographical model e.g. Bradshaw model. The examiners really want to see that your title is tightly related to the subject of Geography and models or a direct link to theorists will help this.
      • Show that your EE has a clear spatial element. A location map and saying where you are studying no longer seems good enough. You need to now say why you have chosen a particular area and why there may be differences within that area. If you can, then follow that up by using some sort of map to show your results would be great. Also, try and say why your particular issue e.g. crime, gun ownership or flooding is an important issue for geographers to study.
      • The examiners now seem to want you to try and incorporate some form of statistical analysis to show that you have collected enough data and can prove there is a correlation, especially if this is a primary data focused EE.


      • Reflections - The first and second reflection should be no more than 150 words and they need to show how you are engaging with the EE e.g. things that you have learnt, evolved or been encouraged to read from the initial investigations.
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Geography - Checklist

2018 Onwards Extended Essay Check List - Geography

Examples of Geography Extended Essays

It sometimes difficult to know where to start when it comes to the EEs. It is always good to have a look at what the style and structure of an EE is like for our subject. Click on the link below for IBO assessed Geography EEs.

Useful Resource

Geography EEs - Recommend read example B - 32/34