003 - Prevention vs Cure

Syllabus Point

Discuss (AO3) the geographic factors that determine the relative emphasis placed by policy-makers, in one country or region, on prevention as opposed to treatment of disease.

"The End.

If you smoke, statistically your story will end 15 per cent before it should."


Weapons of Mass Destruction

Key Terminology

    • Discuss
  • Geographic Factors
  • Prevention

Define the words above using the 'Command Term' posters in the classroom and your 'Geography. Course Companion' by Nagle and Cooke.

Activity One - Discussion

  1. What do the key terms mean?
  2. What preventative examples are you aware of?

Activity Two - Note Taking

  • Read the fact sheets below and make notes on the changing rates of smoking in England and the associated human costs of this lifestyle choice.
  • Make a list of bullet points outlining the cost of smoking on society within England.

Read - Facts on Smoking in England

Read the articles below and develop a fact sheet outlining the impact that smoking has on people and the economy in England. The Google document below can be used as a template.

Smoking Fact File for England


  1. How can the campaigns above help to reduce the amount of people smoking within England?
  2. Are smokers being turned in to modern day´lepers´?
  3. Are the campaigns ultimately successful? Read the articles below to help answer this.

Activity Four - Read

Read the articles below and make notes on the impact of campaigns on smoking.

  • Guardian - Anti Smoking ads - click here
  • Daily Telegraph - Government release new hard hitting anti-smoking advert - click here
  • Emotive content of TV ads against smoking do they work? - click here
  • Daily Mail - New anti-smoking campaigns - Click here

Activity Five - Write an Essay

  • Write an essay outlining how the geographic factors of a country can influence government policies in the prevention of disease.
    • The essay should be hand written.
    • Approximately 1000-1500 words. In the exam you would only have about 25minutes to write this!
    • Data is important to illustrate your points.
    • You will need four colours to write your essay:
            • One for the introduction - black
            • One for the main body - blue
            • One for the examples - green
            • One for the conclusion - red
    • Do remember the geographic factors include:
        • social - pressure to start smoking/cafe or pub culture
        • environmental - waste
        • economic - cost to the NHS vs tax revenue
        • political - ´nanny-state'


      • Tobacco Manufacturers Association - Cost of Cigarettes since 1990 - click here
      • Cancer Research UK - Smoking Statistics - click here

Exam Style Question

Examine the geographic factors that determine the emphasis placed by policy makers on the prevention as opposed to the treatment of a disease. (10 marks)