001 - The hydrological cycle

Syllabus Point

Examine (AO3) the inputs, outputs, stores and transfers of the hydrological cycle.

Discuss (AO3) the causes and consequences of the changing balance between water stored in oceans and ice.

Key Terminology

Define the terms below using your 'IB Geography. Course Book' by Cooke and Nagle, the command term posters in the classroom and the links below.

Activity One

  1. On either an A4 white board or piece of A4 paper write down as many hydrological cycle words that you know, you have 2 minutes. You must also be able to define them!
  2. Copy the diagram below and add the words from activity one on to it. Make sure you have a definition next to the words you haven't heard of before or couldn't remember. You can use your course companion and the following links to help you.

Useful Resources

  • Flash Card Terms - for the hydrological cycle
  • USGS - there are way more than you need on this list - so be careful!
Taken From: https://www.quia.com/files/quia/users/repasy_p/watercycle/watercyclelabel

Activity Two - Watch

  • Where is our water going?
  • Why? Think about changes in climate - you will be able to link this to the Atmosphere and Change section of Paper One.
  • Read the following article to help 'flesh out' why sea levels are changing.

Useful Resource

Activity Three - Describe

Graph One - To show how quickly it takes water to pass through different stores

Graph Two - Showing the extend of sea ice over time

  1. Look at the first image and describe where the earth's fresh water is kept.
  2. Using the graph above describe the pattern of the extent of the Arctic Sea ice.

Activity Four - Read

  1. Read the following articles and list the consequences of the change in water balance from the ice to the oceans.

Useful Resources

Exam Style Question

Explain TWO causes of the changing balance between water stored in oceans and ice. (2 x 3 marks)