001 - Political Factors

Geographic Knowledge and Understanding

Political factors that affect global interactions:

• multi-governmental organizations (MGOs) and free trade zones

• economic migration controls and rules


Political processes have the power and possibility of influencing global interactions.


  • To be able to describe and explain how multi-governmental organizations (MGOs) and free trade zones, as political factors, affect global interactions.
  • To be able to describe and explain how controls on economic migration as political factors, affect global interactions.

Key Terminology

            • Trade bloc
            • Tariffs
            • Quotas
            • Protectionism
            • Trade war
            • Intellectual Property

Define the key terms above using the 'Useful Links' below and you textbook.

Useful Links

Activity One - Comprehension

As we are about to start the IA in the SL lessons we are going to complete a simple comprehension exercise to make sure we have notes for the syllabus points. We will initially watch the youtube clips together and then you will be using your course textbook by Oakes to answer the remaining questions.

    1. How do multi-governmental organizations (MGOs) encourage global interactions?
    2. Name two examples of trading blocs.
    3. What are the advantages of being inside a trade bloc?
    4. What are the issues associated with trading from outside a trade bloc with a country inside?
    5. How does the EU work as a trade bloc?
    6. How do multi-governmental organizations (MGOs) inhibit global interactions?
    7. How might trade between the UK and EU change after Brexit?
    8. How do free trade zones encourage global interactions?
    9. What controls and rules are there to regulate the flow of economic migration?

Exam Style Question

Using examples, explain how political factors can positively impact global interactions. [12 marks]

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