002 - Muhammad and Islam

Significant Concept

To have knowledge of the importance of Muhammad and the development of Islam.

Key Terminology

  • Prophet
  • Obituary


By watching the clip try and answer the questions below. Don't panic if you don't get it all down we will also use the internet to do a little research.

  1. Who was Muhammad and where did he come from?
  2. What do Muslims' believe?
  3. What is the Qur-an?
  4. What are the key teachings in the Qur-an?
  5. Name and describe the five pillars of Islam.
  6. Describe the importance of the Hadith.
  7. What is the Ummah?
  8. Why were the Banu Hashim's important?
  9. What is a Medina (Madinah)? Why was it important?
  10. When did Muhammed die?
  11. What was the consequence of his death?


  1. Design a poster to inform people what the five pillars of Islam are. The poster should be no more than A4 in size.
  2. Write an obituary for Muhammed.
      • What is an obituary? Discuss
      • What key aspects need to be included in an obituary? You will have 5 minutes to research this and we will share the information found on padlet.com/wall/obituary (an ideas wall).

Obituary Ideas

  • Name
  • Age
  • Date of birth/death
  • Cause of death
  • Short biography
  • Family (spouse, kids, (grand)parents, cousins)
  • Attitudes
  • Closest friends/workmates

Created with Padlet


  • Maximum of two sides of A4.
  • You can use images of Islam but not of Muhammad as Muslims' do not worship any image as God has no image.
  • Remember to check your spellings and grammar.


Your obituary will be assessed using Criteria A - Knowing and Understanding and Criteria D - Communicating.