004 - Skills

Factual Question

How do I make effective notes from a textbook or article?

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Image One - Notes

Key Terminology

            • Notes

Define the term above by using the link below:

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Activity One - Describe

Learning how to take effective notes in class is an important skill to learn, but how do should we take notes? Watch the youtube clip below and write down the advice given about how to take notes.

Activity Two - Making Notes

Now you have learnt some key skills about how to take notes in class we are going to put some of them into action. We will be using the 'World Studies. The Ancient World' textbook by Prentice Hall Pages 170 - 173 to do this exercise. We will be working through this as a class and I will be asking for volunteers to read out different sections of the book.

Step One

      1. On a piece of A4 lined paper (not squared) put the holes on the left-hand side and write at the top the title 'The Rise of Greek Civilization'. Then underline the title with a ruler.
      2. I will read aloud the first paragraph.
      3. What was the important point in that paragraph?
      4. Write that important point down as a bullet point on your lined paper.

Step Two

      1. Write the subheading - Minoan Civilisation - on the left-hand side of the page. Underline the subheading with a ruler.
      2. I will ask for a volunteer to read out the first paragraph.
      3. As you listen, try and pick out the two key points of importance and write them in bullet form on your paper.
      4. Share your ideas with the group and the key points will be written on the board to copy.
      5. A second volunteer will read out the second paragraph.
      6. As the second paragraph is read out write down two important points about the Minoans.
      7. We will discuss the points as a group.

Step Three

      1. Write the subheading - The Mycenaeans - on the left-hand side of the page. Underline the subheading with a ruler.
      2. In pairs read out the three paragraphs and write down 4 or 5 key points. Remember to do this in bullet point form.
      3. We will then discuss your ideas as a whole team.

Step Four

      1. Now read the remaining paragraphs on pages 171-173 and using the subheadings in blue on each page try and write down approximately two key points per paragraph. The subheadings are:
            • The Trojan War
            • The Dark Ages of Greece
            • The Rule of the Aristocrats
            • A New Type of Ruler
            • Democracy: Rule by the People

Step Five

      1. Answer questions 2 and 3 in the 'Assessment' box on page 173 to test if you have recorded the most important information in your notes.

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