007 - Sustainable


Sustainable Question

How cab the Sustainable Development Goals be used as a process of sustainable action in an increasingly interconnected and globalised world?

Approaches to Learning

Communication Skills - Reading, writing and using language to gather and communicate information - Write for different purposes.

Key Terminology

            • Sustainable tourism

We will define this term in the first activity so there is no need to define it now.

Activity One - Watch

Answer the two questions below about sustainable tourism by watching the YouTube clip.

      1. What is sustainable tourism?

      2. Who and what does sustainable tourism benefit?

Activity Two - Newspaper Article

You have been employed by the National Geographic to write an article about the impact sustainable tourism has had on a specific country. You will need to include the following things:


      1. Map of the country - annotations where sustainable projects have been put in place.

      2. The negative impact that tourism was having on the country or region within a country.

      3. A description of sustainable projects.

      4. An analysis of the success of the sustainable projects - this will need to be looked at from different perspectives e.g. environmentalist, economist, local community.


You will need to plan your newspaper report using MindMiester. This will allow you to record your findings, link ideas together and record your bibliography more effectively.


      • Headline

      • Columns

      • Images to illustrate your points - these need titles and figure numbers

      • Maximum of 1200 words

      • Can be typed or hand written but a hard copy must be handed in!

      • Bibliography

      • Remember to spell and grammar check your work

Useful Resources

If you are struggling to think of a country or area to focus on there are resources for Cambodia below.

How will I be assessed?

Criterion C: Communicating

Criterion D: Thinking Critically