003 - Interdependence

Factual Question

Where are the raw materials for cotton sourced?

How is the cotton turned into a useful resource?

Key Terminology

            • Raw material

Define the key term using the 'Useful Link' below:

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Activity One - Where? Raw Materials

We have so far explored three key inventions which have revolutionised the cotton textile industry. We now need to look at the global process of the growing of the cotton right through to the selling of a garment. To do this we are first of all going to look at where the cotton is produced, spun into cotton and dyed. You will need to use the infographic and the clip below to help you with the questions:

      1. Name the five top cotton producing countries?
      2. Where do you think the English would have originally bought their cotton from?
      3. How is cotton actually produced? Watch the you tube clip above.
      4. Using the infographic why is Egyptian cotton seen as the best?
      5. Why is there a movement away from buying Egyptian cotton today?

Activity Two - Where? Production

Before you begin to answer the questions below you will need to download the roundme.com and google cardboard apps on to your smart phones. The applications are free but if you need to get permission from your parents please ask them!

      1. Why did Arkwright build his factories near Matlock in England? What natural advantages can you see in the map and the images below.
      2. What evidence is there in the first 360 image of energy use at the Arkwright Mill?
      3. What did Arkwright do to encourage people to work at his mills?
      4. What were the working conditions like in Arkwright's factories?
      5. What acts were put in place due to reduce the amount of child labour?