002 - Responses Part One

Syllabus Point

Examine (AO3) the resurgence of nationalism in one country as it attempts to retain control of its resources and culture.

Key Terminology

  • Examine
  • Resurgence
  • Nationalism

Define the terms above using the Command Term posters in the classroom, your 'Global Interactions' textbook and the links provided below:

Useful Links

Activity One - Watch

You are probably aware from reading the news that nationalism in many countries is on the rise. It is one of the key reasons why Brexit has happened and why the EU is worried that other countries may follow in the UKs footsteps. But why do countries feel the need to regain control over their boundaries and their idea of what that nationality is? Answer the following questions when watching the Youtube clip below:

  1. Mind map the causes of a rise in a resurgence of nationalism.
  2. Watch the Youtube clip below and add notes to your mind map on why there is a rise in anti-immigration feelings in Europe.
  3. Read the two articles below and add any further information with examples to your mind map. For example consider the consequences.
  4. Write a list of the campaigns or groups that you know of which encourages nationalism. If you don't know of any you have 5 minutes to research them.

Activity Two - Case Study

Image One - Map of Bolivia

Taken From: https://www.worldatlas.com/webimage/countrys/samerica/bo.htm

Taken From - https://www.worldatlas.com/webimage/countrys/samerica/bo.htm

For this section of the syllabus it is good to develop a case study of a country that has sought to gain control over its resources. The focus is going to be Bolivia. Using the 'Global Interactions' text book by Guinness pages 200-202 develop a case study of how Bolivia is managing the impact of globalisation. Include the following factors:

              • How Bolivia was losing power as a nation-state.
              • The impact this erosion of power was having.
              • What Bolivia have done to manage globalisation.
              • An evaluation of the programme (positives and negatives).

Useful Resource

'Global Interactions' textbook by Guinness pages 200-202

Image Two - Global Interactions

Taken From: https://issuu.com/cupeducation/docs/9780521147323_public