001 - Population Growth

Factual Question:

How has the global population changed over time?

Approaches to Learning

Communication skills - Reading, writing and using language to gather and communicate information -Take effective notes in class.

Key Terminology:

            • Birth Rate

            • Death Rate

            • Infant Mortality

            • Child Mortality

            • Natural Increase

            • Population Momentum

            • Fertility Rates

We will be using these terms throughout the lesson. If you are unsure of what the words mean just click on the link to find out.

Useful Link

Activity One - Watch

We are going to start this unit of inquiry by looking at a slightly retro film about the number of people that are living on our planet. Collect either a piece of A4 white paper or a mini whiteboard and complete the following:

      1. Watch the YouTube clip and write down any pieces of data that you hear.

      2. Do any of the statistics surprise you? Underline those statistics that do and be prepared to say why.

Activity Two - Global Population Change

You have now had a taster on the amount of people who are on our planet but what is today's figure? You will need to use the link in the 'Useful Resource' below to answer the following questions.

      1. What is the global population today?

      2. Why is the change in global population an important issue? Discuss this with your neighbour and write your answers on the Padlet board.

Useful Resource

Activity Three - Skill

Being able to describe a graph in detail is a geographical skill. When describing you say what you see. When describing graphs you follow a specific process:

                  1. Describe the overall trend.

                  2. Illustrate that trend with data.

                  3. Describe any anomalies again illustrating it with data.

Using the graph below complete the following questions:

      1. Using Image One, describe the global trend in population.

      2. Using Image Two, describe the trend in population growth rate.

      3. Draw a mind map to suggest reasons why global population has changed.

      4. What impact has this change in population had on the world? You may need to use the articles in the 'Useful Resources' box.

Image One - Population Change

Activity Four - Redefining Terms

We often use certain words to describe different regions or groups of countries without considering their meaning or connotation. Answer the questions below.

      1. Suggest reasons why we don't use the terms 'developing world' and 'developed world' in Geography.

      2. What terms do we use today? Why?