004 - Floods

Syllabus Point

Discuss (AO3) the natural and human causes and consequences of a specific flood event.

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Key Terminology

Define the terms below using your 'IB Geography. Course Book' by Cooke and Nagle and the command term posters in the classroom.

  • Discuss

Activity One - Research

The flood event that you will be focusing on the Christmas Floods in the UK 2013 - 2014. You will be working on your note taking skills using Mindmeister.

  • Open Mindmeister
  • Start a 'New Mind Map' (choose a blank map)
  • Put in the middle the title - Christmas Floods UK 2013
  • You will need 5 main branches; Location, Timeline of events, Causes, Consequences and Management.
  • Causes will need to be two further into: Physical and Human Causes.
  • Consequences will need four branches; Social, Economic, Environmental, Political

Create your own mind maps at MindMeister

Activity Two - Watch and Read

Use the following exerts of information to help you build up your case study. Do not feel you have to be limited by the information below, you can always extend your research. A case study needs to include the following things:

      • Map of the study area
      • Causes of events - human and physical
      • Consequences - social, economic, environmental and political
      • Management - what is being done to prevent the flood from happening again

Printed Resources to help with the case study

      1. BBC - Timeline of Events
      2. BBC - Floods
      3. Met Office - Physical Causes
      4. The Guardian - flooding UK
      5. BBC - UK Storm - Travel Disruption
      6. Government Responses to Flooding

Exam Style Question

'Floods are caused by humans.' Discuss (10 marks)

Use the essay grid to plan out this essay.