002 - Nuclear Weapons

and the Cold War

Debatable Question

How important were nuclear weapons on the emergence of a new world order during the Cold War?

Key Terminology

            • Globalism
            • Expansionism
            • Unilateralism

Define the words above using the links below and your own knowledge from your Individuals and Societies lessons.

Useful Links

Activity One - Watch and Make Notes

Make notes on Crash Course History Cold War. To help you with note taking divide an A3 page in to five equal sections and put the following headings at the top of each section:

          • Who - were the key characters in this arena of conflict?
          • When - did the major events take place? What were they?
          • How - did the major events take place? Summary of events.
          • Why - did the events take place?
          • What - was the impact of the events?

Activity Two - Historical Account

Using the textbook 'Edexcel GCE History. A world Divided: Superpower Relations 1944-1990' and the links below answer the following questions:

      1. What were the causes of the arms race develop between the USA and the USSR?
      2. Describe the bombs and delivery systems being devised during the Cold War.
      3. What was the Cuban Missile Crisis?
      4. How does the Cuban Missile Crisis illustrate the potential danger of superpower conflict during a nuclear age?
      5. What impact did the arms race have on the nature of the Cold War?
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Image One - Edexcel

Useful Resources

History Today - Arms Race

Cuban Missile Crisis

Edexcel GCE History. A World Divided: Superpower Relations 1944-1990 textbook.