009 - Review

Approaches to Learning

Communication Skills - Exchanging thoughts, messages and information effectively through interaction - Use appropriate forms of writing for different purposes and audiences.

Test Outline


You will be examined on the content that you have covered within the Oceans unit only.

Copy of Year 9 - Assessment Task - Oceans Test - Subject-Specific Criteria
Year 9 - Assessment Task - Oceans Test - Part Two - Subject-Specific Criteria

Approaching the Test Questions

When reading any question, whether it is timed conditions are not, you should BUG the question. What does BUG mean?

Then consider what the command terms actually mean. The most common ones used in tests include - Describe, Explain,  Define, Identify, Discuss, Analyse, Compare and Contrast. But what do all of those words mean? You could either do a quick search online, take photos of the 'Command Term' posters in the classroom or you could click on the 'Useful Resource' link below.

The third aspect to consider is the value of each question. For example, if the question is worth one mark you should be writing about once sentence outlining one point. A three mark question will probably require three key points.

Useful Resource

IB MYP Command Terms

Content Covered

These are the different aspects of the course that we have covered. I would suggest that you review this list alongside your lesson notes to make sure that you haven't missed anything.

Possible Ways to Review

There are many different ways that you could review your work but just reading through it never really works. 

How to write an essay


In an introduction it is good to include the following points:

Main Body

You give balanced arguments (for and against). You should include the structure of PEEL in each paragraph.


Within a conclusion you should not include any new points. The main aim here is to synthesize your argument and to say if one side of the discussion is more dominant than the other - looking at the evidence you have given.

Planning an essay