002 - Geneva's History

Factual Question

How has Geneva developed over time and space?

Activity One - The Past

You will learn about the historical development of Geneva by looking at three key time zones:

                    1. Ancient Switzerland
                    2. Medieval Switzerland
                    3. Reformation in Switzerland

You will be working in your mentor groups and will spend 30 minutes learning about each era.

Ancient Switzerland

      • You will learn about the three most important ancient groups that settled in Switzerland, the Homo Sapiens, the Helvetique, and the Romans. You will have a brief explanation of all the groups using visual aids of artefacts we have from that time period.
      • The group will then be divided in three teams and you will decide on an action to represent each time period.
      • Then they will split into two groups for a rock/paper/scissors and tag combination game.

Activity Two - Mapping

Thank you Ms. Ogden for this lesson.

You will be working in your original Individuals and Societies groups for this activity. You will probably be working in the I&S classrooms.

      • Each group will become experts on two places within Geneva (Bourg de Four, Hotel de Ville, Ancien Arsenal, Place de Neuve, Place de la Madeleine, Maison Tavel, St. Pierre Cathedral, Reformation Wall)
      • The groups will use online maps, geogalot articles, and general research to fill out their notes grid. Each student will need to write their own notes on their own copy.
      • Students will then “jigsaw” and create four new groups with one member from each of the old groups. Students will take turns teaching each other about the two places they researched and the others will write down what they learned.
Geneva Landmarks Organizer