004 - Trip to Geneva

Debatable Question

How did the processes of cooperation and conflict help to shape the city of Geneva?

Approaches to Learning

Communication Skills - Negotiate ideas and knowledge with peers and teachers.


            • Meet in the Cafeteria at 8.10am.
            • You will need the following:
                    • Picnic lunch (if you don't have a prepaid hot lunch)
                    • Water bottle
                    • Notepad
                    • Pen/pencil/eraser/pencil sharpener
                    • Bus pass if you have one
                    • Suncream
                    • Hat
                    • Dress appropriately as we will be visiting a religious site
            • We should be back at school for 3.30pm.


2019 - Itinerary Year 7 Trip to Geneva

Student Booklet

Thank you Mr. Allaway and Mrs. Davison