5 - Collapsed Week - Geneva

Throughout the collapsed week you will be working with the Arts and Individuals and Societies department to explore our host city of Geneva. You will be investigating how Geneva developed over time and what key events helped to shape its unique history. Within the Arts you will be taking what you have learnt in I&S to create an artefact which celebrates Geneva's past and present.

Key Concepts

Time, Place and Space - how does location impact how civilisations develop?

Related Concept

Conflict, Cooperation, Process - how have events throughout Geneva's history helped to create the city today?

Global Context

Orientation in Space and Time - how are people connected with the landscape (natural and human) that they live in?

Statement of Inquiry

Civilisations emerge and develop in cooperation and conflict with each other depending on their orientation in space and time.

Inquiry Questions

Factual Question: Remembering facts and topics

  • What is a natural advantage?
  • What natural advantages are there in Geneva?
  • How has Geneva developed over time and space?

Conceptual Question: Evaluating perspectives and developing theories.

  • How did the processes of cooperation and conflict help to shape the city of Geneva?

Debatable Question: Analysing big ideas

  • What buildings/sites/images should be used to make an iconic scene of Geneva?

Timetable for the Week

Who should you be with, when and where?

2019 Year 7 Collapsed Week Timetable