002 - Historical Use of Oceans

Conceptual Question

What scientific and technical innovations have taken place to allow humans to have power over the oceans?

Approaches to Learning

Critical Thinking Skills - Analysing and evaluating issues and ideas - Gather and organise relevant information to formulate an argument.

Key Terminology

No new terms will specifically be used in this lesson.

Activity One - Skill

In the previous lesson we looked at how amazing the oceans of our planet are and gained an understanding of how they work. Humans have managed to develop technology to explore the oceans and use them to their advantage although at times they can fight back! Using the link in the 'Useful Resources' box create a timeline to show how the ocean made us what we are.


We could attempt to do this on a padlet as a group.  Each person will be given a specific part of the links below to read to find out how our use of the oceans has changed over time. Add the key event to the padlet below.

Activity Two

For this activity the group are going to work together to gain knowledge of what our oceans can and have been used for. You will be working as a class to develop a Google Slide presentation on the importance of ocean use. You will be using this shared resource later on in the unit - so it needs to be good! I will give one of you the job to create the initial Slide and to share it with the group. There are a set of resources below to help you with this quest but you may have to tease out the information and do a small amount of freestyle searching. You will be divided into four teams to explore one of the following:

Content Requirements

Formal Requirements

Useful Resources

Innovation to Explore or Use the Oceans Resources

Activity Three

Using the Google Slides created by your peers, in your opinion which innovation has had the biggest impact on us? Write a paragraph (5-7 sentences) explaining your argument.