1 - Weather, Climate and Change

This unit focuses on how the weather can effect our daily lives. 

It investigates the factors which effect the weather and climate of an area. 

Explores how the data for weather can be acquired, measured, displayed and interpreted. 

Develops an understanding of the different ways in which it can rain, how location impacts temperature and how air pressure effects the weather conditions.

 An investigation of climate change will also take place.

Weather Map Symbols

Key Concept

Time, place and space - how the weather and climate can differ throughout the world.

Related Concepts

Patterns and trends - Can we predict the weather? How can statistics be used to help us plan for major climatic changes?

Global Context

Scientific and technical innovation - How technical innovations have allowed humans to measure and monitor the weather. How effective are they?

Statements of Inquiry

As climatic systems change so does the pattern of where and how we live.

Inquiry Questions

 Factual Questions: Remembering facts and topicsConceptual Questions: Analysing big ideas Debatable Questions: Evaluating perspectives and developing theories 
  • How is weather collated and measured?
  • What causes weather conditions to change?
  • What is climate change?
  • What factors have caused our global climate change?
  • What is the relationship between the climate and human activities?
  • Is the climate ever predictable?
  • Has human activity actually caused our Earth to heat up?

Unit Outlines and ATL Sheets

2017-18 Year 8 Individuals and Societies - Weather, Climate and Change

2017-18 Weather and Climate - Year 8 - Individuals and Societies - Approaches to Learning Grid