005 - Synthesis, Evaluation and Skills

So far you have looked at a lot of graphs and linked the changes in the demand for food, water and energy to the Rostow's Model of Development but could you synthesis all this in the exam?


Below you have the syllabus for the first sub unit of 'Global resource consumption and security'. Now we have finished can you tick off all the requirements? Take an A4 piece of paper with the syllabus on it and a set of coloured pens. Around the syllabus try and see if you can do the following:

          1. Define key terms.
          2. Where have we used any examples?
          3. For each section (or line) on the syllabus say which key concept(s) it could link to and why.
          4. Underline anything you think we haven't done.
          5. Describe in a short paragraph how the different elements you have learnt about link together.

Global Resource Consumption and Security Review

Concept Corners

This is an activity that will help you to generate links with this first section on resources. You will be given either the pages below or a piece of A3 paper. Write the first group of words down in one colour anywhere on your paper. Now join them together and say how they link on the lines. Take a different coloured pen and write the second set of words on the same paper. Now make links between the second set of words. Once you have finished try and make links between the first and second set of words. Repeat the process for the third set of words.
Thank you Mr. Allaway for these words.