001 - Population Growth

Factual Question:

How has the global population changed?

Taken from - thewarmongerreport

Key Terminology:

  • Birth Rate
  • Death Rate
  • Infant Mortality
  • Child Mortality
  • Natural Increase
  • Population Momentum
  • Fertility Rates
We will be using these terms throughout the lesson. If you are unsure of what the words mean just click on the link to find out.

Activity One - Watch

  • Do any of the statistics surprise you? Write them on the A4 white board.

National Geographic

Activity Two - Global Population Change

Activity Three - Skill

  • Using the graph below, describe how global population has changed since 1750. 
Taken from - cool geography

  1. Draw a mind map to suggest reasons why global population has changed.
  2. What impact has this change in population had on the world?
The following articles may help you to answer the above question.

Activity Four - Redefining Terms

  • Suggest reasons why we don't use the terms 'developing world' and 'developed world' in Geography.