003 - Responses Part Two

Syllabus Point

Discuss (AO3) anti-globalisation movements.

Key Terminology

  • Discuss
  • Anti-globalisation Movement
  • Market Failure
Define the key terms above using the 'Global Interactions' text book by Guinness, the 'Command Term' posters in the classroom and the useful links provided below:

Useful Links

Activity One - Comprehension

Answer the following questions using your 'Global Interactions' text book by Guinness pages 203 - 205.
Taken From: Amazon.com

  1. What do critics highlight the problems of globalisation are?
  2. Give three examples of anti-globalisation movements.
  3. What backgrounds do the anti-globalisation movements have?
  4. What are the main concerns of Trade Union organisations?
  5. What evidence of demonstrations is there against the World Trade Organisation?
  6. Define market creep.
  7. Write a summary of what the organisation 'Focus on the Global South' main objectives are.
  8. Who has control of the major international organisations? Why is this an issue?
  9. Why are environmentalists against globalisation?
  10. What significant changes need to be made to the global economy for it to be redesigned?
  11. How are anti-globalisation movements perceived? See 'Global Interactions. IB Geography Case Studies for Higher Level Extension' pages 204 - 207

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Activity Two - Case Study

Develop a case study of an anti-globalisation movement. Consider the following points:
  • What are the main aims of the anti-globalisation movement?
  • How have has the movement put these aims in to practice?
  • How successful has the movement been?

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