003 - Extension and density of networks Part 2

Syllabus Point

Describe (A01) the role of information and communications technology (ICT) in civil society and the transmission and flow of images, ideas, information and finance.

Key Terminology

Define the terms above using the 'Command Term' posters in the classroom, the 'Global Interactions' text book by Guinness and the links provided.

Activity One - Discuss

  1. In teams of two discuss the ways in which civil society groups use ICT to communicate their ideas with people.

Activity Two - Example

GreenPeace are excellent at using ICT to transmit their various messages which promote environmental awareness.

1. Watch the youtube clips below and suggest how GreenPeace use ICT to influence people.

Green Peace and Facebook

GreenPeace - Toxic Monsters

GreenPeace - Everything is NOT awesome

2. Read the following article that mentions how GreenPeace help raise the profile of different environmental issues. How does it illustrate how GreenPeace uses ICT to transmit ideas?

3. The following articles describe how social media is helping to raise the profile of different issues. Make notes on how social media is helping civil society groups to achieve their aims.

Activity Three - Review

  1. Using the text book 'Global Interactions' by Paul Guinness, make notes on the points below using the information on pages 48-52.
        • Political participation
        • Social networking
        • Responses to natural disasters
        • Civil society, ICT and finance
        • ICT and sedentary lifestyles