005 - Transboundary Pollution - Part 1

Syllabus Point

Describe (AO2) one major pollution event affecting more than one country and examine (AO3) the consequences of and responses to this event.

Key Terminology

  • Describe
  • Examine
  • Transboundary pollution
Define the words above using the command word posters in the classroom, your 'Geography Course Companion' by Nagle and Cooke and the links below.


Activity One - Emotions

  • Look at the images below - How do they make you feel about nuclear explosions.

Taken From: http://www.documentingreality.com/forum/attachments/f237/105896d1259184346-somber-photos-ukrainian-chernobyl-victims-today-chernobyl.jpg
Taken From: http://econc10.bu.edu/economic_systems/NatIdentity/images/chernobyl_site.gif

Activity Two - Events

We are going to focus on Chernobyl April 1986 as a transboundary pollution event. While this event is clearly positioned in the past the impact of this event is still being felt today - which makes it contemporary. We are going to be looking at incidental pollution as the nuclear explosion in the Ukraine is hopefully a one off event. Incidental pollution is generally caused by technological or human failure. 
  1. Who are generally most at risk from pollution events?
  2. Watch the YouTube clip and create a timeline of events at Chernobyl.

Chernobyl Disaster - What Really Happened

Activity Two - Impact

A case study needs to be developed on the consequences of the Chernobyl event. Use the following resources and prompts to help you create a detailed case study. Remember impacts need to be discussed in relation to SEEP (Social, Economic, Environmental, Political) and include data to illustrate your findings.
  • Using the map below describe the radioactive fallout from Cherobyl
Taken From: http://usercontent1.hubimg.com/5373186.jpg

  • Watch the Youtube clip below and describe the impact of the explosion - SEEP.

PBS - Revisiting Chernobyl: A nuclear diaster site of epic proportions

  • Read the following articles and books to extend your knowledge. Keep adding this information to your case study:

Extra Resources

BBC - Chernobyl