002 - Spread of Disease

Syllabus Point

Explain (AO2) how the geographic concepts of diffusion by relocation and by expansion apply to the spread of diseases.
Examine (AO3) the application of the concept of barriers in attempts to limit the spread of diseases.
Describe (A01) the factors that have enabled reduction in incidence of a disease.

Key Terminology

  • Explain
  • Examine
  • Describe
  • Diffusion
  • Relocation
Define the key terms using either your 'Geography Course Companion', the links below or a dictionary online. Definitions of the command terms can be seen on the posters in the classroom.

Useful Links

Activity One - Describe

  • Watch the clip below and describe the pattern of disease.
  • Discuss in small groups why you think this may be happening.

Heatmap of Spread of Disease in New York City

Activity Two - Watch

  • Draw the table below on paper and fill in the columns using the clips below.

 Geographic Concept How Disease Spreads Prevention







Preventing the Spread of Disease

Preventing the Spread of Disease in the Work Place

Is Climate Change Aiding the Spread of Diseases?

Activity Three - Discussion

Answer the questions below using the information you have recorded in the previous activity.
  1. What is a barrier?
  2. What barriers are there that might impede the spread of diseases? Think PHYSICAL and HUMAN.

Activity Four - Prevention

Watch the attached clip from the BBC to answer the question below - BBC Audio Slide
  1. How can the spread of disease be prevented? 
  2. Describe the factors that have helped reduce the spread of SARS using the useful links below.