002 - Hatch, Match and Dispatch

Factual Questions:

What are birth, death and fertility rates?
What factors effect birth, death and fertility rates?

Key Terminology

  • Birth rates
  • Death rates
  • Fertility rates
  • Natural increase
  • Natural decrease
  • Life expectancy
Define the words above using an online dictionary such as The free dictionary or BBC Bitesize.

Activity One - Skill - Describe

  • Describe the pattern of global birth rates.
Taken From: https://thelukewarmersway.files.wordpress.com/2015/01/world_crude_birth_and_death_rates_1950_-_2010.png

  • Describe the pattern of global fertility rates.
Taken From: http://e360.yale.edu/images/slideshows/Fertility-rates-global-800.jpg

Activity Two - Explanation

  1. Using a sheet of A4 paper mind map the reasons why birth rates differ across the world. If you are unsure then take a look at the images below to prompt you.

Taken From: http://blog.abundanceinvestment.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/Pension-People410.jpg

Taken From: http://manchestersexualhealth.org/images/contraception.jpg

Activity Three - Discussion

  1. Why might there be a low birth or fertility rate but still a rise in the total population of a country?
  2. There is often a correlation between high birth rates and high death rates. Explain why this might be in no more than 10 sentences.
  3. Explain why a country may have a natural increase in population.
  4. Explain why a country may have a natural decrease in population.

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